NPSEC News – July 17th, 2018



NPSEC News – July 17th, 2018

Hotel Registration Deadline: July 22, 2018

The hotel group block for the NPACSE Workshop will be ending on July 22, 2018. Please make your room reservations prior to this date. While there are still some rooms available, the rooms are moving quickly. If you have not registered for the workshop yet, you can find all links regarding the workshop, registration, and hotel reservations on the button below.

Click Here For Workshop Information

NPSEC on Facebook

NPSEC has launched its Facebook page! The page will be used to share our latest updates, but to also be a place for sharing your content related to Pesticide Safety Education. You can find or tag us on Facebook with our handle @NPSEC. Please feel free to tag us in any post that you would like us to share.

Shop the NPSEC Store

The NPSEC Store is a good place to find EPA-approved materials with expanded 2015 WPS content. This is where you can order NPSEC, PERC, WPS, and state-specific products. For PERC products, PSEPs get a 5% discount if they purchase the products using the code we mailed you at checkout. We track all PERC sales by state and send 5% of all net sales in a particular state or territory back to the PSEP as a gift.