NPSEC News – July 27th, 2018



NPSEC News – July 27th, 2018

For Immediate Release: NPSEC Announces Board of Directors Executive Committee

July 24th, 2018 (Detroit, MI) – The National Pesticide Safety and Education Center (NPSEC) Board of Directors voted to established its 2018-2019 Executive Committee:

  • Candace Bartholomew, Connecticut Pesticide Safety Education Program Coordinator (Chair)
  • Don Renchie, Texas Pesticide Safety Education Program Coordinator (Vice-Chair)
  • Katie Moore, South Carolina Pesticide Safety Education Program Coordinator (Secretary)
  • Mike Wierda, Utah Pesticide Safety Education Program Coordinator (Treasurer)

In addition to the Executive Committee, the Board of Directors includes:

  • Tira Adelman, eXtension Foundation
  • Faye Golden, American Association of Pesticide Safety Educators (AAPSE)
  • Dean Herzfeld, Minnesota Pesticide Safety & Environmental Education Program
  • Rachel Maccini, New Hampshire Pesticide Safety Education Program
  • Carroll Moseley, Syngenta
  • Jane Stautz, Corteva
  • Thia Walker, Colorado Pesticide Safety Education Program

Read the full release here.

Don’t Forget to Register for the NPACSE Workshop & Make Your Hotel Reservations.

The National Pesticide Applicator Certification & Safety Education (NPACSE) Workshop is right around the corner!

Many of you have already registered for the NPACSE Workshop. If you haven’t, please visit workshop page here to find registration information. Some of you have registered for the Workshop, but have not made hotel reservations. They are going quick! Please click here to make your reservation.

Featured Speaker – Tira Adelman, PSEFMP Project Manager

This week, we are featuring another key speaker that will join us at the NPACSE Conference. Tira Adelman is a Project Manager whoworks at eXtension Foundation on the Pesticide Safety Education Funds Management Program (PSEFMP).

At the 2018 NPACSE Workshop, Tira will discuss the Pesticide Safety Education Funds Management Program including topics such as:

  • FY19 Application
  • Expectations for future funding cycles
  • Results from FY18
  • Collaboration exploration among PSEPs

Learn more about Tira and other featured speakers here. We will continuously update this page with all of our featured speakers.

Shop the NPSEC Store

The NPSEC Store is a good place to find EPA-approved materials with expanded 2015 WPS content. This is where you can order NPSEC, PERC, WPS, and state-specific products. For PERC products, PSEPs get a 5% discount if they purchase the products using the code we mailed you at checkout. We track all PERC sales by state and send 5% of all net sales in a particular state or territory back to the PSEP as a gift.

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