Paraquat Training Update 11/27/2020

Paraquat Training Update

NPSEC is currently revising the label-mandated paraquat training to include the following changes:

  1. Closed-system Requirement – As of December 31st of this year, paraquat registrants will no longer be able to distribute or sell paraquat products in container less than 120 gallons without closed systems for removing product from the original container, any subsequent transfer of the product, and complete removal and rinsing of the product container. However, dealers and distributors will be permitted to continue to sell paraquat products that do not meet the closed-system requirement until their stocks run out.
  2. Jar Testing – Tank-mix compatibility testing, aka jar testing, is prohibited. Users are advised to check the product website for a list of some products that have been evaluated for compatibility.

Applicators who have already completed training are still compliant for three years from the time they completed the original training – they do not have to take the updated training until their three-year renewal anniversary.

Remember to always follow the label directions of the product you are using; the label is the law.