Updates to EPA announcement regarding Paraquat Certified Applicator Training

Companies are required to have newly labeled product in the market after November 14, 2019 – some may produce and sell newly labeled product before that date.

The best advice still remains, read and follow the label directions on the product you are using, keep product in its original packaging, and NEVER put product in any type of food container – especially a drink container.

  • With the newly labeled product, certified applicators must now take paraquat-specific training before use
    • Application “under the direct supervision” of a certified applicator is not allowed
  • Training must be repeated every three years

The requirement for training is only one of several actions EPA has taken to prevent poisonings with new label changes including:

  • Restricting the use of all paraquat products to certified applicators only
    • Certified Applicator Statement (for mixers, loaders, & applicators)
  • Clarifying toxicity in English and Spanish language formats
  • “DANGER-ONE SIP CAN KILL” and Skull and Crossbones symbol on the container
  • A “product package safety requirements sticker” affixed to the container
  • A “counter card” reiterating the same important warning information to be distributed with every container
  • AN IMPORTANT NOTE: Requirement for closed system transfer (requiring closed-system packaging for all non-bulk (less than 120 gallon) end use product containers of paraquat.”) is NOT going to be in place this growing season! 
    • Registrants will submit label changes and new product registrations for the closed system packaging by March, 2019, and will have 12 months from EPA’s label approval date to adopt the closed system packaging.

It is also important to note that:

  • EPA is allowing the sale of paraquat that is already in the channels of trade, so some paraquat sold this growing season may NOT have the new training requirement on the label.
  • If the new training requirement is listed on the label of the product they purchase they MUST complete the training
  • Growers that currently have a supply of paraquat that DOES NOT have the new labeling listing the required training ARE NOT required to complete the training.