EPA Launches New Electronic Confidential Statement of Formula Application

This original announcement was published by the EPA on May 12, 2021. Click here for more information.


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is launching an electronic Confidential Statement of Formula application (eCSF builder) to support pesticide registration applications. The new electronic tool is consistent with the agency’s desire to continuously improve and modernize internal processes and digital workflows.

To register a new pesticide product with EPA, companies must submit a Confidential Statement of Formula (CSF) application. The form lists all the product’s components and their percent by weight along with various additional information.

Currently, CSF applications must be submitted to EPA in hard copy. The new eCSF builder will automatically validate certain data in a CSF application prior to submission to EPA. This functionality, along with real-time validation of chemical ingredients through EPA’s Substance Registry Service, will make the pesticide registration process more efficient, saving EPA and registrants time and resources. While paper CSF forms remain available, EPA recommends submitting applications electronically as the review of paper applications could be a longer process.

Users can access the eCSF builder and provide feedback through the Central Data Exchange.