Press Release: NPSEC Set to Launch New ‘Our Food’ Podcast

For Immediate Release
December 19th, 2018
Contact: Aaron Weibe,


East Lansing, MI. NPSEC will launch a weekly “Our Food” podcast on a channel hosted, managed and distributed by Cumulus Media NY. This Podcast Channel will be housed in Cumulus’ OG Podcast Network. The network currently distributes a variety of Podcast content but NPSEC’s would be the first in this content vertical. NPSEC would exclusively own the category. The current OG Podcast platform delivers well over 500,000 monthly downloads. ‘Our Food’ will be a broad and rather generic overview of the US. food system. This will attract a large audience and pollinator stewardship can be embedded frequently in these discussions. This broader concept would attract a large enough following to be effective and marketable to advertisers and sponsors.

The draft description of the ‘Our Food’ Podcast concept:

‘Our Food’: Conversations across our country with those who produce our food – the farmers, farmworkers, greenhouse growers and those who process the agricultural products that feed our country, and also produce enough to make the US the largest exporter of food in the world. We’ll also talk to those who regulate our food production at the federal and state levels, and to the educators who work hand in hand with regulators and producers to ensure that we have a safe and reliable food system. And finally, we’ll explore what we do around our homes and businesses, in our gardens and landscapes, which can impact our food system, such as ways to protect pollinators. ‘Our Food’ is hosted by Tom Smith, Executive Director of the National Pesticide Safety Education Center (NPSEC). NPSEC is a non-profit corporation that serves and supports the extension Pesticide Safety Education Programs in all states and US territories. These programs are typically part of land grant universities and provide the coordination and much of the delivery of education to agricultural producers for the safe and effective use of crop and livestock protection products. The target audiences for ‘Our Food’ are production agriculture, turf and ornamental groups, consumers, and educators/regulator, and will be supported by all other messaging channels to cross market, target, and drive traffic among all messaging channels.