USDA tests PBH rice hulls for weed control in container crops

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The USDA-ARS in Wooster, Ohio, has begun a new five-year research program to develop weed management options for herbicide-sensitive crops. This is a multi-pronged approach to develop a wide variety of tools for weed control in production settings where herbicides are either not labeled or cannot be used safely.

A very promising part of this project thus far has been the use of parboiled rice hulls as a mulch in containers. Riceland Foods, Inc. has been marketing their parboiled rice hulls for weed management in horticulture crops, and some nursery producers in Ohio have already successfully used rice hulls for weed control. The goal of our research was to determine, in controlled research, what quantity of rice hulls provided effective weed control of liverwort (Marchantia polymporpha) and bittercress (Cardamine ­exuosa).

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