PERC Products through the NPSEC Store Benefit Pesticide Safety Education Programs

From Mike Wierda, PSEP Director at Utah State University and NPSEC Treasurer.

This is a reminder of how PERC product sales through the NPSEC Store can benefit your PSEP

  1. PSEP Discount: receive a 5% discount on any PERC products you purchase!
    1. Contact NPSEC to receive the discount code to use at checkout.
    2. Contact NPSEC for a greater discount on bulk orders
  2. Revenue Sharing: 5% of PERC products sold via the NPSEC Store in your state is returned to your PSEP via Revenue Sharing Checks!

Note: These discounts are not mutually exclusive!
Thus, you can purchase PERC supplies at 5% off for your program(s) and then receive 5% of your total purchase back in your Revenue Sharing Check!

NPSEC tracks sales state by state and sends out Revenue Sharing Checks quarterly to PSEPs whose 5% revenue sharing total is ³ $100. Revenue Sharing Checks are sent as gifts! You don’t have to do anything to receive this money.

If you would like to help promote these products to encourage purchases in your state, you can add information and links to your sites or social media accounts. Below are a couple examples from Colorado PSEP:

· Example 1 · Example 2

The NPSEC Store includes descriptions of all products. Feel free to use this wording on your own pages if you wish. The current PERC products available are:

  • WPS Train-the-Trainer Manual (English & Spanish)
  • WPS How to Comply Manual
  • WPS Posters (English, Spanish, & Karen)
  • WPS Videos (English & Spanish)
  • WPS Employer Handbook
  • WPS Train-the-Trainer Online Course
  • Respirator Guide
  • Seed Treatment Manual

Feel free to contact NPSEC with any questions or concerns! Email:
Phone: 517.202.3019


Michael R Wierda

Utah PSEP / NPSEC Treasurer