Association of Farmworker Opportunity Programs presents Children in the Fields Campaign

Since 1997, AFOP’s Children in the Fields Campaign (CIFC) has been dedicated to ensuring that farmworker children are protected and given an opportunity to succeed in life. AFOP strives to educate the public, advocate for educational programs for farmworker children, and support fair living wages for all farmworkers.

CIFC has partnered with the Child Labor Coalition, the National Consumers League, and other concerned parties to protect farmworker children. Together, they work to publicize the plight of this hidden population and advocate for federal policies that would strengthen the child labor safeguards in agriculture so that they are just as protective as those in other industries.

As part of AFOP’s mission to serve farmworkers, AFOP formed the Children in the Fields Campaign to work on behalf of farmworker children in three areas:

  • Education/Prevention
  • Awareness & Advocacy
  • Expression 

Children In the Fields Campaign’s mission is to show America the realities our farmworker families face through the eyes of their children and to spur action to provide better educational support for our farmworker children, and prevent health hazards from working in the fields.

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