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  • Session 1: Wednesday 07/07/2020 2PM EST

    Disinfecting during the COVID-19 Pandemic: What we need to know about the health effects of using chemicals to disinfect and best practices to minimize exposure.

    Join MCN and partners for a webinar with Bob Harrison, MD, MPH and Justine Lew Weinberg, MSEHS, CIH as we discuss disinfection during COVID-19.

    COVID-19 cases continue to increase across the United States and throughout the world. Prevention of this novel virus includes proper cleaning and disinfection of high-touch surfaces to help mitigate transmission. This has resulted increase in the use chemicals or antimicrobials to eliminate the virus on surfaces. With this increased use, the number of chemical exposures has increased. During January –March 2020, poison centers received several thousand more exposure calls related to cleaners and disinfectants compared to the same time in 2019 and 2018. And as more and more people stayed at home beginning in early March, the daily number of calls to poison centers increased sharply. The acute and chronic health effects of this increased use of disinfectants is important to consider. This webinar will discuss overall trends in increased chemical exposures in the home and workplace, review the health effects and present best practices to minimize exposures.

  • Session 2: Thursday 07/16/2020 2PM EST

    Antimicrobials 101: A Perspective From EPA On Registration and Labeling

    SPEAKER: John Hebert, Branch Chief, Regulatory Management Branch I, Antimicrobials Division, Office of Pesticide Programs, USEPA
    SPEAKER: Eric Miederhoff, Team Leader, Regulatory Management Branch I, Antimicrobials Division, Office of Pesticide Programs, USEPA

    Antimicrobials play an important role in public health and safety. While providing health benefits of pathogen removal and, in some cases, safety benefits of materials preservation, they also involve risks of potential efficacy failure and exposure hazards. It’s no wonder, then, that the effectiveness and proper use of these products are of widespread concern.

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  • Session 3: Thursday 07/23/2020 2PM EST

    Applicator Certification and Training for Antimicrobial/Disinfectants: COVID19 and Beyond

    SPEAKER: Mary Centrella, Cornell Pesticide Safety Education Program and AAPSE Antimicrobial Workgroup Leader

    Antimicrobials/Disinfectants are registered and regulated on the federal level by the Environmental Protection Agency. At the state level applications and applicators are regulated by the state regulatory agency that provides oversight and enforcement for pesticides. This process varies from state to state. During this webinar a panel of state pesticide regulators from various regions of the United States will discuss how certification and training for application of these products are handled in their respective states in response to COVID 19. AAPSE Antimicrobial Workgroup leader Mary Centrella, Cornell Pesticide Safety Education Program Coordinator, will discuss AAPSE’s current efforts to create a repository for applicator training and other resources focused on antimicrobial and disinfectant information.

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07/23/2020 Session 3: Applicator Certification and Training: Antimicrobial/Disinfectants: COVID19 and Beyond

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